ARCoBAleno is an application for rapidly coloring biological pathways by ancestrality or Gene Ontology-enriched information. It receives as input a PathVisio GPML file, identifies the genes by their symbols and then colorize the data nodes either by their ancestrality, their most recently acquired Gene Ontology Molecular Function/Biological Process, or by the number of processes they have annotated.

This Web-Service utilizes SeedServer, an algorithm that identifies clusters of orthologues, to discover the pathway genes' lowest common ancestors (LCAs) - that is, the origin of those gene on the history of evolution. For the Last Molecular Function analyses, it uses a MySQL database containing the origin of each Gene Ontology term on the evolution, as previously determined by the authors.

Click "Run it!" to start using ARCoBALeno! You can either submit a job as a guest, or create a user through the "Registration" menu, which will grant you a job table with your previous results. For more details on the algorithm's workflow, examples and a gallery, check the "Documentation". Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!