Developmental Biology 6th Ed.

  • CAPÍTULO 03: Principles of experimental embriology
    1. Environmental developmental biology
    2. The developmental mechanics of cell specification
    3. Morphogenesis and cell adhesion
    4. Principles of development: experimental embriology
  • CAPÍTULO 04: The genetic core of development
    1. Differential gene transcript
    2. Methylation pattern and the control of transcription
    3. Transcriptional regulation of an entire chromosome: dosage compensation
    4. Differential RNA processing
    5. Control of gene expression at the level of translationa>
    6. Epilogue: posttranslational gene regulation
    7. Principles od development: developmental genetics
  • CAPÍTULO 06: Cell-cell communication in development
    1. Induction and competence
    2. Paracrine factors
    3. Cell surface receptors and their signal transduction pathways
    4. The Cell Death Pathways