Taxallnomy is a taxonomic database that provides taxonomic lineages according to the ranks used on Linnean classification system (e.g. Kingdom, Phylum, Class etc.). Taxallnomy is based on the NCBI Taxonomy, thus you will find along the taxonomic lineage either taxa originally ranked in NCBI Taxonomy or some unique nodes created by the Taxallnomy algorithm, since some taxonomic ranks are missing in the original taxonomic lineage (for example, the Superclass rank is missing on the Homo sapiens lineage). Feel free to explore more about the Taxallnomy hierarchical structure using this interface!

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Tree legend and commands:

Taxon originally ranked on NCBI Taxonomy tree.

Taxon originally unranked on NCBI Taxonomy tree.

It was ranked by Taxallnomy algorithm (type 1).

Taxon created by Taxallnomy algorithm.

Its child taxon name was used to name it (type 2).

Taxon created by Taxallnomy algorithm.

Its parent taxon name was used to name it (type 3).

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Shift+click on nodes: delete node;
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Taxallnomy API for programmatic access to database:



    • txid: Taxonomy IDs separated by comma. E.g. 9606,9595,10090
    • rank (main|common|custom, default: common): taxonomic ranks to retrieve;
      • main: retrieves Superkingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
      • common: retrieves the "main" taxonomic ranks plus Kingdom, Subphylum, Super- and Sub- of Class, Order and Family; Subgenus and Subspecies.
      • custom: retrieves the taxonomic ranks specified by the user (Requires srank).
    • srank: Specify the taxonomic ranks to be retrieved. Use this parameter along with custom option on rank parameter. Use comma between rank names. See here the valid rank names.
    • format (tab|json|xml, default: tab): output format.

    Some examples:

Download Taxallnomy database:

    If you intend to retrieve a lot of data, please consider downloading Taxallnomy database and loading it in a local MySQL database. Taxallnomy can be obtained at Taxallnomy SourceForge page.

    Scripts that generates the database and retrieves taxonomic lineages from Taxallnomy database can also be found at SourceForge or GitHub pages.


    If you have any suggestion to improve our work or any question, feel free to contact us by these email addresses:

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